Years old

it is helpful to work more along the lines of goal setting and achieving for this age group

Do you need help and clarity in getting where you want to be, both emotionally and/or physically? Maybe you’re still on a road of self discovery and need to explore the past to allow you to move forward… I am here either way!

I tend to work mainly with Talking therapy and the Emotion Freedom Technique (tapping) with your age group, via zoom, so that I am easily accessible for you and can be more flexible with time. This, I feel is even more needed to fit in with your schedules, which I can also support with if you’re feeling the pressure of needing to know what you want to be/ do with your lives imminently when you may not feel like you have the tools or skills yet to prepare you for these big decisions.

Therefore, It can be helpful to work more along the lines of a CBT approach of setting goals and desired achievements, collaboratively, navigating how you may get there. Depending on your life journey, so far, we may need to work through some childhood/adolescent experiences before thinking about your journey into adulthood and what this may mean for you.

If you wish, I can work with your School/College/University and family too, if a team around you, as a Young Person, is needed/wanted. This is especially true for the 16-18 year olds but privacy and confidentiality is always paramount so this really is only if you may need a letter of support/ phone calls if you’re struggling within the systems to get your voice heard around Mental health.
Face to face is available if you wish.